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Coming soon, fresh from the studio

Whisper Inq. is proud to announce our newest collaboration with jewelry artist Shelly Braden! Created exclusively for our customers, Shelly has curated gemstones and found objects from her treasure hunts throughout the world, into bespoke, limited-edition and one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke emotion.

About the Artist:

Shelly’s foray into assemblage jewelry was borne out of her desire for a unique aesthetic that included gemstones. Finding off-the-shelf fine jewelry unimaginative and too expensive, and fashion jewelry lacking in design and the elevated quality she was seeking, Shelly began sourcing gemstones, beads, and unique bits from all over the world. Quickly, she discovered her brand was based in spirituality as well as other sensibilities that impart an emotion, such as music and the sea. We’re certain you’ll find something special that speaks to your heart, too! Enjoy!

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