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Little Mama Pajama Tea Party is quaint book that whimsically explores the joys of tea parties. Set in a world filled with charming characters, the story follows the adventures of Abby, her friends, and family who come together to have tea parties. Sharon, skillfully weaves themes of friendship, family, rights of passage, and the simple pleasures of sharing a cup of tea. The enchanting illustrations bring the characters to life and create a warm, magical atmosphere. Overall, “Little Mama Pajama Tea Party” is a heartwarming and beautifully crafted tale that will captivate young readers and inspire them to appreciate the magic found in the art of tea parties.

Sharon DuMont Gilley

From teacher to counselor to corporate trainer and executive coach, one thing that unites Sharon DuMont Gilley’s professional path has been the love of tea. During college, friends from England and India introduced her to a proper cup of tea. From there, she celebrated tea in all it’s forms with her family and friends, some in delightful ways. 

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